After reviewing my evaluation from last year’s teaching experience, I think I am meant to be a writer.
I’m an excellent teacher. I have a Masters Degree in the subject I teach (Reading). I have had at least two articles published on Reading and Writing in the last two years. Yet, as I view this recent evaluation that I think may be visible to everyone on the internet (?), I see I am listed as “Developing” in my knowledge of subject taught. How the hell can that be? Masters Degree and Published work on subject taught.
Obviously I am meant to be a writer, not a teacher. I’m good at both, but I’m tired of not being appreciated.
I do believe in America today there is a movement to limit public school education and to replace knowledgeable teachers with those who will do as told and not complain. Already in North Carolina, teachers will lose tenure in another year or two. Every teacher will be on a year to year contract, and can be let go when the year is over. That means teachers will be even more compliant than they now are. I’ve been told I could be fired for not teaching exactly what I’ve been told I could teach. If they walk into my classroom, and I’m teaching something not in the curriculum (they number each objective and that is what you focus on), I am subject to immediate dismissal. I’ve also been told not to speak out against anything in today’s educational system. We all have been thus instructed. The career I began with such happiness and that I’ve done with such joy, is not the career it was when I first began. Teachers are not respected, they’re not appreciated, or at least that’s what my colleagues say to me. Most are dissatisfied. What is going to happen is public education, at least in this state, will begin to be done by those with personalities that lend them to manipulation and control. They will teach what they’ve been told to teach and will never question why or the end result. It’s a sad day for public education. I wonder what the private schools are allowed to teach? Are minds there more challenged? Are they more open? I don’t know, but I know writing is much more appealing. Can you hear me now? I’m not allowed to speak out where I currently work.


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