How I’m Writing My Books

I am currently working on three different books. As an idea for each of them pops into my head, I sit down and write out that scene.
I’m finding that beginning the book with a good “hook” is hard for me. I’m not sure where to try to begin two of them. I read somewhere that publishers usually throw away the first thirty pages of a novel because most writers begin too far back.
Where does the story start? I’m not exactly sure. I’m hoping that once the scenes are all written, I can go through and put them in order and maybe that will help me find the beginning.
I do know I have to write when I’m inspired, or I lose the words. I often wake up ready to write, but with this job I now have, I don’t have time to sit down and write in the mornings when the muse arrives.
One morning I woke up with a whole alphabet rhyming book in my head. It played over and over as my early morning poems do until I write them done. I did not have time to write the whole thing, so I repeated it on my way to work. I thought once I got there, I’d scribbled the words down. Someone met me as I came in, started talking to me and the words have never returned. I can remember some of them, but not all. I regret not being late and taking the time to write the words down while they were in my head.
Likewise with my books. I’ll either wake up thinking about a scene or one will pop into my head as I am washing dishes, or doing some other mundane task. If I don’t stop right that minute and write the words down, I lose them.
So instead of being a disciplined, start at the beginning to tell the story writer, I write more like a grasshopper, jumping from scene to scene with the words pouring out as I write.
I tend to do that as an educator as well. As I teach, I’ll notice confused looks or something related to the objective being taught will pop into my head and I’ll include it. I recently got criticized for that after an observation. I was told to choose one thing and stick to that and only teach that as I taught. ???? I cannot do that. My students learn more than is expected and pay attention, for they, like me know where the lesson is headed, but do not know how we are getting there. I have a path marked, but frequently stop and explore other avenues as we go through the lesson plan.
It is my sincere hope that at the end of this school year I can quit this full-time job that takes so much time and energy and devote myself to being a full-time writer. I go where my mind leads me. I do not try to lead it where I want it to go. I’ve been published. I’ve been rehired to teach. I think I know what I’m doing. In fact, I know I do. What’s that old saying, “Do not say it can’t be done to the person who is doing it.”
Something like that. Let me fact check. Found this: “In these days, a man who says a thing cannot be done is quite apt to be interrupted by some idiot doing it.” Not exactly the words I remember being quoted, but the idea is certainly there. I found it here.



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