Honoring the Weak

We honor the weak in America. If you have a genius IQ or any sort of advantage, America has no use for you any more.
This is one of the reasons America is in its death throes.
Only as strong as its weakest link ??? Suppose all the links are weak?
The term “Special” was grabbed from the high IQ students and bestowed on the low IQ students because parents were upset and jealous about the label. At first, it seemed a harmless enough condescension. Now it is one of the reasons America has lost her greatness.
You cannot glorify only what is not even average and still expect to hear about great ideas and great achievements.
Yes, a down syndrome student can be a homecoming queen. People in wheelchairs can go to dances. My own mother was a victim of polio, but she never, ever wanted to be treated special because of her handicap. Her brightest star was her intellect. Never would she have wanted the world to focus on her handicap and given her things because of it.
America is passing by their best so that the weakest won’t feel bad.
We’re all going to feel bad about this decision eventually.


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