I Wouldn’t Do That, If I Were You

I love to write. I write every day.
Yesterday I was in a workshop on writing and was surprised to hear that many people – people at the workshop – do not like to write.
I use my gift of writing to help me in life.
When something is not right, I will send off a letter or an email.
If I get really fired up, I’ll send off several.
I’ve been doing this today.
My bank made a mistake and will not do anything about it.
I’ve been busy all morning filling out complaint forms and sending letters.
People think you can’t do anything about the wrong-doing done to you.
People should learn to enjoy writing.
There’s a lot you can do with the written word.
My bank wants me to call them. No. When I’ve talked to people on the phone, they have mis-represented what I said. If anyone calls them, it will be my lawyer.
It’s not a large amount of money involved for a bank, but it is a large amount of money for me. It’s MY money. They had no right to take it and I’m going to do everything I legally can to get it back.
I almost went to law school. I wonder what my law practice would have looked like, if I had. I think I would have been successful.
Let’s see how this all works out.
And for others planning harm to me, or to do me wrong? I wouldn’t do that, if I were you. Once fired up, I don’t stop until something has been done about the injustice. Something legal . . . through legal channels. We do have laws in America.


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