So Much To Write . . . So Little Time

I just filled out my intent form for next year at my current workplace. Things are up in the air. I want to devote all my time to writing, but if a good part-time job were available, I would be interested. I don’t fool myself into thinking I will get rich over-night writing. It will take time and work to generate a decent income. Still, I am sure I don’t want to work full-time anywhere next year, unless it’s a full-time writing job.

When I look over all the various writing projects I have already started, I realize it will take years to finish them all. I also keep having new ideas popping into my head daily.

I am easily bored. When I’m teaching, I try to change the activity every five to ten minutes. This works well because I’m usually teaching five to seven year olds who have short attention spans – it’s just something that goes with their age level.

Sometimes when I sit down to write, I will find myself going from one article to another, or drifting to a short story that needs more work, or even working on a chapter in one of my four books.

I need to keep my health as good as I can keep it. I find getting up in the dark to go to work and then working hard for 8 hours (with a thirty minute lunch break) is more difficult now than it was when I was younger. I used to wonder why older people napped so much. They were headed to that big dirt nap that was ahead . . . why not stay awake every minute that they could? Now I understand how much a nap can recharge your batteries and make the second half of your day more enjoyable. Napping is something I can do if I devote my time to full-time writing. It may actually speed up my writing to have a restful break between morning and late afternoon endeavors.

The best thing for my writing career is probably to go ahead and resign at the end of this school year and see what I can do with the various short stories, books, articles and poems that wait in limbo for me to finish. It would be awesome to have all my time to devote to my writing projects.


The News Is Getting Out

It’s time to let the bosses know if teachers will be back next year or not.

I’ve worked in education for 18 years.

I love what I do.

I love writing also.

Let’s hope I can make a living doing it (writing).

The news is getting out.