Division Does Not Bring A Win

You cannot actively and purposely divide a group of people and expect any kind of winning situation. There are those who think you can. They believe that if they separate out the ones they don’t understand or whom they think won’t support them and think like they think, that it will result in a good thing. It will not.

I can’t write well about this ideology because I do not understand it. I am in the midst of it at the moment and it boggles my mind what some people believe to be true. Or maybe they are pretending to believe it. Damned if I know.


Birds Singing

I spent the cold, icy winter putting bird seed in a feeder on my porch. I live in a place that does not usually get extremely cold. This past winter, not only did it get very cold, but we had ice storms that covered the tree branches in ice. I took pictures.

When I’d take my dog out for a skate – for she would slip and slide herself around on the ice – finally finding a place, any place, and doing her business so we could take our shivering selves back into the house . . . but while she conquered this endeavor, I would hear rustling in the bushes near my house.

I have a bird feeder and would buy a bag of bird seed every time I’d shop for my own groceries. The birds began to look for me on the cold, cold mornings. Instead of their spring cheerfulness, I’d hear what sounded like screeches of hunger . . . maybe of being cold . . . while I waited for my dog to do her business. This would remind me to fill the bird feeder. One time I even saw a bully acting bird trying to hog the feeder. What a smaller bird did will go into a children’s book I have planned.

Birds are beautiful, somewhat mysterious creatures to me as I do not understand how they fly and refuse to listen to my son, who is a rocket scientist, explain it to me. Some mysteries are too wonderful to understand.

Now it is spring time. April . . . and when I go out with my little dog, the birds serenade me. Last Saturday one was chirping, “turn the radio on, turn the radio on” over and over. I can hear words in some of their chirps and probably should look up which bird makes certain sounds. All I know is their spring songs as well as their spring antics are worth every cent I paid to keep them fed when it was so very, very cold. Birds . . . one of the greatest “free” things in the world.