Excuse is Gone

I recently (last week) was told a medical condition I have prevents me from continuing in my job (career).


All those books I’ve worked on for years. All the publishing and creative ideas I’ve had?

I guess my excuses for not doing them are gone.

I cannot spend a lot of time daily on them, but I can spend some time during each week exploring the things I have put off for years.

My son is convinced that God wants me to be a writer. He says if I keep trying to work at a 40 hour or more job, I’m going to end up in a wheelchair where I’ll be forced to sit and write.

I have written a poem this week. I’ve worked on one of my books a couple times.

My mind is twirling because this was not in my plans. I liked my job. I went to school (college/university) six years to develop my expertise.

Well. I’ve taken writing courses as well. I’ve been published. I’ve won awards for my writing.

The poet Frost talked about the road not taken in one of his poems. Perhaps the road taken winds around and brings you back to that fork in the road? Guess it’s time to try the other road.


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