I’ve been writing poems recently and saving them in my poems folder. Tonight as I saved one, I looked at others I’ve written and saved. Some are good; others need more work.

I wonder if children anywhere study the great poets anymore? I mentioned Frost’s poem about stopping by the woods on a snowy night and my own children acted like they’d never heard the poem. I was out walking my dog and had a thought for a poem she might write. It was a Bastardization of Frost’s poem. So I wrote it down and shared it on facebook. My sons liked it, as did a few others. One friend did not like it and said so.

I guess they don’t teach rhyme and rhythm any more? I know when I mention nursery rhymes to children, they act like they never heard them before.

The old classics have a lot of teachable parts to them.

Anyway, I’ve been writing poems lately and hope to publish some of them. The one I’m seeking a publisher for right now is titled “The Vault of My Mind” . . . I wrote it within the last week.

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