Writers Digest Magazine

I’ve recently subscribed to Writers Digest Magazine. I’m thinking now that I’ve gotten two issues that it is more for the novice writer . . . the wanna be writer . . . than for the published writer.

I wonder what magazine would suit my current station in life?

Many of the articles I could have written myself.

Many of the applauded authors I’ve done more than they say they have done.

The courses they offer are courses I’ve taken.

Books they offer . . . I don’t see any I want.

Some of the offers they have in their magazine are so blatantly commercials only for a high priced thing most people don’t need.

There are so many pieces of advice that shouldn’t even have to be given to a writer. The most outlandish one I’ve read in their magazine thus far is “Read every day, Write every day”. Can you show me a successful writer who does NOT do these things, even when not told specifically TO do them? Who needs that advice and still believes themselves to be a writer?

They used to have pages of markets and I sold to many of the markets they listed on those pages. Now that section is gone . . . or is it so small I overlooked it?

Then there’s people who advertise for you to send them what you wrote and they’ll tell you what’s wrong with it and how to fix it. And what are THEIR credentials? I wonder.

The world has certainly changed. Education is getting less and less in America. If we ever have to impress someone by taking a standardized test, we might accomplish that. Otherwise . . . things just seem too simple now.


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