Joy Cowley

As a Reading Recovery Teacher, I noticed Joy Cowley’s name on many of the books I used to teach children to read. Children love the books she’s written. Mrs. Wishy-Washy is one of my favorites. She’s written hundreds of delightful children’s books.

I have some children’s books of my own that I’ve written/am writing, and I went to Joy Cowley’s website to see what she was all about. She is a woman I wish lived next door to me. She seems very kind and quite intelligent. I’d love to meet her some day.

In looking at her website, she mentioned a book The Duck In The Gun and said it is out of print. It may have been one of her first children’s books. All I know is I went to Amazon to look for that book and found a few copies. The review of it by one purchaser said everyone, adults and children, should read this book. That was good enough for me. I have always enjoyed Joy Cowley’s children’s books. So I’ve ordered it.

I’m trying to get my writing career off the ground and there is so much to do and think about. I found it encouraging that Joy Cowley spends about 3 years thinking about a book before she actually writes it, or finishes it . . .  I find that my best work comes when I’m doing other things. Like her, she gave the most wonderful analogy of being like an animal going off into the wild to give birth – and like her, when I’m ready to write, I type as fast as I can. It’s in there (my head), I just have to get it out.

There is no way at my age that I will ever be as successful as Joy Cowley, but she is certainly an inspiration and someone to aspire to.


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