Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Oh, for heaven’s sake. Where can you look and not get a writing idea? What did people of old write about? One poet wrote about daffodils, so flowers and plants are a possibility. “I wandered lonely as a cloud . . . ” I wonder if my seventh grade teacher would realize that many years later I can still recite Wordsworth poem? We did that back then – in schools – we memorized and would recite. Do young people now have any poem or sets of words they can recite from memory? Do they know it can be a coping mechanism when things get tough? When things get tough . . . that right there is something to write about. We read each other’s struggles in hopes to learn from them, compare them to our own, or understand our fellow man better. (Sorry feminists, not feeling like him/her today) . . . Things were simpler before everyone starting jumping up and down tantrum-like demanding to be treated equally. I remember “Women’s Lib” from my college years. I took Sen. Ervin’s speech on women’s liberation and revised it and presented it with great pride to my speech class. Well, it didn’t get the welcome I had hoped, but as those other coeds sat and demanded! Yes! Demanded! to be allowed to go out and work every day – just like a MAN!, visions of my exhausted mother flashed across my eyes and I knew they did not know what they were asking for. She worked five and a half days a week and was always tired. Now I’ve worked with the women who are “benefiting” from all that demand for equal rights and what many of them long for now are what women had a few decades ago – freedom to stay home with their children – freedom to take a nap when pregnant and not have to work right up until the day they delivered their baby – and then rush back to work six weeks later . . . The past, the present, the future, are all things we can write about. The list of ideas is endless.

  1. Sam Ervin
    American Politician
  2. Samuel James “Sam” Ervin, Jr. was an American politician. A Democrat, he served as a U.S. Senator from North Carolina from 1954 to 1974. Wikipedia
  3. Born: September 27, 1896, Morganton, NC
  4. Died: April 23, 1985, Winston-Salem, NC

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