I am working on a memoir about a blindman. I just wrote the chapter titled Fire! It turned out to be 1003 words long.

Most of my chapters consist of a lot of dialogue. I probably need to add more descriptions later as I edit. Right now I am just trying to get the scenes down. I’m assuming different scenes will be different chapters.

My primary goal is to get this book published. I have looked at self-publishing and so far Createspace at seems to be the best place to do this.

I want to finish my writer’s website. I want to list books there that will be for sale at Amazon through Createspace.

While I had my day job, I did a lot of research and reading. Now I am trying to put into practice what I learned.

I’ve also looked at a Writer’s Conference that is coming up. You can pitch to an agent at that and I really want to do that with this book. I know a publisher can market this book better than I can. I’d like to at least try approaching an agent and/or a publisher with this book. I also know the whole book doesn’t have to be written to get an advance and continue writing on it. However, the more I have written, the more confident I’ll feel when I pitch to an agent.

The chapter on Fire! was one of the longest chapters so far. It was 1003 words.

I admire James Patterson and love the quick pace of his books. I want to count his words per chapter and see how I need to adjust my own chapters to be more like his.

I want to tell this story, but I want it read by people more than anything else. I think at some point, I will publish a chapter or two on my website or this blog.

When I finish setting up my website, I will link it to this blog.

Writing is a journey. For me, that has been the case. I’ve taken numerous courses and learned much from each of them. I subscribe to Writers Digest and always learn something from each issue. I buy the Writers Market every other year and read it like a bible. I need to check to see when Writers Market 2016 will be available.

I’ve had to quit my day job. Due to complications from Diabetes, I can no longer teach all day every day. I tried to work half days and that was too much. However, my new principal had overloaded me with children – I had almost double the number I should have had. I was an Intervention Teacher and my student load was 48 children – all either First Graders or Kindergarteners. I may have been able to continue, IF my workload had been reasonable. That’s water under the bridge.

I loved my teaching job and I was good at it.

I also love Writing. It takes longer to see the results (being published) from this endeavor, but I’ll just have to adjust my attitude and carry on. Like I told one friend, “When a door closes, a window flies open, or something like that.”

Outside this newly opened window may be as much satisfaction and pride as I got from helping struggling readers learn to read better.  I certainly hope so.


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