Who Got Shot?

Today for my Blindman book writing, I scrolled through what had already been written looking for something for that book and not the sister book that will also be printed at some point.

Right now I am writing chapters and printing them out so I can put them in a binder and look to see what’s missing.

Once in awhile I will find some chapter already written that has not been printed out and put in the binder yet. That is what happened today.

Who Got Shot? may be one of the best chapters. It is at least average or slightly above average in being interesting and important to the story. It’s hard for me to judge. Ha, ha . . . that’s a funny play on words, but you’d have to be familiar with the story to understand why.

I will not know how all these chapters fit together until I get them all written and printed out with holes punched in their sides and them chronologically in the binder that holds this book.

When a chapter has been printed out, I change the font color to red before I save it again so I can know at a glance when I look at the chapters what’s left to print. If I hadn’t also saved the chapters of the sister book to this one in the same computer folder, it would be simpler still. However, I am learning as I go and don’t want to try to separate the two right now for fear of losing something valuable. It’s too much work. I just want this first book written, pitched to an agent and published by either a publishing house or Amazon.com

My writing focus is The Blindman book and I will work on it daily from now until the end of February.

I may need a thicker binder soon. I hope so.


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