I have written under more than one name, but the one that most identifies me, and the name I use most often, is Constance Barr Corbett. I was born Constance Inez Barr in a small town in eastern North Carolina. The man I married and had children with had the last name “Corbett”.

Once my divorce from that man was final, I went back to using my maiden name, Barr. My youngest son came to me with trembling lips one day and asked, “What is wrong with being a Corbett?” Well, nothing, and if my no longer using that name meant he was upset, I’d go back to using it. So here I am with the byline I first published under: Constance Barr Corbett.

I have decided to use that name on most of my written work. They say an author should publish everything under the same name as s/he makes her voice and writing known.

If you look for my work, check that name. If you read something that has my “voice” and you wonder if I wrote THAT, do a little research, if it matters to you.

Otherwise, just know I have selected the byline for the rest of my life and this is it: Constance Barr Corbett


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