I don’t know why people failing to do their jobs fills me with so much disappointment. They are not even sorry for their lack of competence.They seem to think that’s how it is in business today.

I saw my doctor on June 22. She prescribed some pills that should make me feel better. On my bad days, like today has been, I need to feel better.

The pharmacist had called yesterday and left a message saying my new prescription had been filled and was ready for pick-up. That sounded really good because when the doctor sent in the prescription the first time, the pharmacist claimed it never came and said I should call the doctor and ask her to submit it again. So I did. The doctor’s nurse said she would send it in again. No big deal. (No, it’s no big deal to either of them because they don’t feel like I’ve felt all day today. My health is no big deal. Only the health of young people seems to matter. Once you reach a certain age, even if you have good insurance, your health is expected to be bad, and if you don’t feel well, it’s no big deal.) It doesn’t matter that you may have blocked off this day to do something that is important to you, but instead you find yourself feeling so poorly that you cannot get out of your pajamas all day. So, of course today when I checked to be sure it was my new prescription that would make me feel better, it was not. No, the pharmacist sing-sang into the phone in her cheerful voice. She didn’t have that prescription. Perhaps, she said, the doctor had sent it to the wrong pharmacy? How could that be, I asked her, when all the other prescriptions got sent to the right one? But maybe I should change pharmacies? The only draw-back, which I did not share with her – is that they’re all full of incompetent employees.

The pharmacist insisted I had to call my doctor back again. So I did. I left a voice mail for her nurse, which I know will not be happily received. I was feeling terrible and upset. And I was wondering why, when the doctor has sent the prescription twice already – why doesn’t the pharmacist call the doctor herself? Their signs say they do call doctors for customers, but they’ve never done this for me. It may be a part of their job description that they don’t understand? Do I want a pharmacist dispensing what pills she is willing to part with, to me, if she doesn’t understand her job description?

I’m sure the next time I check, IF she will acknowledge getting the prescription, the pharmacist will say she is out of those pills and to try back again in another week.

I’d just tell the pharmacist to go to hell and quit my medicine, but that’s what all the people in America want us older folks to do. They make fun of us; they call us names like I heard recently “the tsunami of old folks – the baby boomer tsunami”. Well the young folks wouldn’t be here to feel crowded by us if we hadn’t taken such good care of them when they were younger. They don’t ever consider that.

I sent two complaints via email to the corporate headquarters today. I said pretty much the same stuff I’ve said here. I did ask if those pills are ones employees might want and if they had a prescription for them, would they be tempted to take them and say they never received the prescription? I asked why the pharmacy can’t call the doctor herself since I’ve done it twice and obviously my calling doesn’t solve the problem. I mentioned how much I spend at that store and whether or not it might be best for me to take my business elsewhere?

That is one good thing about being a writer. Words come easily as I type and it’s no trouble to write a letter to the employers of these incompetent people to let them know what a piss poor job is being done in their place of business.

I will tolerate a lot. I’ve had to my whole life. However, when I finally get so damned fed up that I am not going to tolerate any more, I’ll get on the computer and either type a letter and mail it in, or I’ll find the place where complaints can be lodged via email. I never feel so bad that I can’t complain. These “do-nothing” employees need to realize that sooner or later people will report their lack of competence, their lack of concern as they socialize while at work supposedly doing a job . . . for that’s what many people today think work is – you go there to talk to your work friends. The actual work itself comes last.

Keep treating me shabby – keep treating me like I don’t matter – and I will see what your boss thinks about your attitude. Oh – and I’ll share the name of your company and its poor dealings with anyone who can and will read. It was CVS Pharmacy.


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