Writing Daily

I’ve now begun to write on a project (as opposed to a blog) daily. One day it was over 2000 words. Yesterday it was a mere 250 words. But I write until I’m through saying what I wanted to say and then I stop.

I’m working on a book about a blindman and it seems the more I write the more I have left to write, if that makes sense to anyone. Once in awhile I realize I already wrote this part that I just finished writing, but I punch holes in the side of the printed out pages and put them in the right place in the binder anyway. As I edit, I will combine the two and have an even better chapter.

When I’m seriously writing, I close my door. When I’m blogging or just fooling around with words, I leave it open. Usually when I’m writing poetry, the door is open because the words come quickly into my head and I must get them down before I lose them.

One morning I awoke with a whole ABC rhyming book in my head. I repeated it over and over as I ate breakfast. I would have been late to work if I’d taken the time to write the whole thing down. It’s a pity, because while I thought I’d jot it down quickly as soon as I got to work (on time), someone intercepted me between the front door and my classroom and ZOOM! it flew out of my head. Not the beginning, but the ending. I’ve always regretted not being late to work that day.

I did jot down what I could remember, but without the rest, what good is part of an ABC book?

A is for apples that grow on the trees,

B is for something about the beekeeper’s bees

C is for can’t remember

D is for ?

I have it here somewhere . . . Oh, I am laughing out loud! A is not for Apples, it’s for alligators. Here is what I could remember and wrote that morning after someone stopped to talk to me and I forgot my poem. I don’t like what X is for . . . Did you know the proper sound of X, which is the “ks” sound, is best represented at the end of a word, such as in the word, Fox? Anyway, here’s what I found in my notes:

ABC Book

by Constance Barr Corbett

A is for alligator that lives in the deep

B is for the bees that the beekeeper keeps

C is for corn that grows in rows

D is for dog – everybody knows

E is for elephant so big and gray

F is for fox that chases chicken all day

G is for goat

H is for

I is for

J is for

K is for

L is for

M is for

N is for

O is for

P is for

Q is for

R is for

S is for

T is for

U is for

W is for

X is for x-ray that shows what’s inside you

Y is for

Z is for


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