You would be surprised, or maybe you wouldn’t, at how many people want me to tell them where to get their writing published.  That’s a whole job in itself. Sometimes it’s the toughest part.

I use a Writer’s Market Book, which comes out once a year. It lists many places that publish different things. I’ve sat down with my copies and read them cover to cover. They are thick books. It’s a resource book for writers. One way you can use it is to have your piece written and then look through the index, the listings, everything you can research with that book, and try to find a market. The other way it can be used is to look through the book and find a place that wants to buy something you feel confident writing. Then slant your writing to their requirements. Notice the preferred length. It is not “a suggestion”. It is the usual length of what they buy. Notice if they pay on publication or upon acceptance. Read the whole listing for any place you want to consider your work. There’s no need wasting your time or theirs submitting something to an inappropriate market. Study the listings like you’d examine anything else you want to approach.

There’s a lot to be learned in the writing business and unless you’re paying for help, you need to learn it yourself.

There is also the query letter to study. Then there’s the “what to do if the submission is rejected” part to consider.

It’s never as simple as a quick glance in the book to see where something that someone has written can be sent.

If you’re serious about publishing your work, you need to be serious about finding markets for it.

Don’t ask another writer to do this for you. While writers can share their methods and tell you about tools they use, including various books and magazines, they do not have time to find markets for your writing. That’s your job, or your agent’s job.

How to find an agent? That’s a whole ‘nother blog.


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