Incompetence can show up at any time in various forms. I believe it rears its ugly head so often now in America because no one checks and double checks their work.

My latest encounter with it came just an hour or so ago when I went out to lunch. I deliberately ordered a dish with white rice and when it was served, it came with fried rice. Fried rice upsets my stomach, but when I told the server I wanted white rice, she said she didn’t know if she could exchange it. ???? I was suggesting she read her own restaurant’s menu to see that WHITE RICE came with the meal, NOT fried rice. My son, who has food allergies could not eat his fried rice, and it also should have come with white rice. The server acted like there was little to nothing she could do about it, but went to ask. She came back with an older woman, whom I assumed was her supervisor. The older woman assured us that the rice could be changed. By that time I had moved my fried rice to a neighboring, empty table and they took it from there. It seemed to take a very long time for them to return with the white rice. I told my son I thought Chinese Restaurants had pots of rice already cooked and WHAT was taking so long??? My poor son, who is accustomed to my annoyance with incompetence, was trying to soothe me when they finally brought the white rice. THEN the older woman explained that we had been charged extra for the fried rice, because the meals came with white rice, but she would deduct that extra charge from our ticket and our server was new and didn’t know. She had to request fried rice for us to get it, be charged extra for it, but she didn’t know what she was doing? Was she the only applicant they had? I didn’t ask, but those thoughts went through my mind.

My son does not know that a few short years ago competence reined in America. If you took your car in to be repaired, it was repaired. If you ordered something, the thing you ordered arrived. If you checked out, the cashier could handle the transaction. Now I’m more surprised when things go right than I am when things go wrong.

What’s happened to America? When did we lose our pride in doing a good job? Where did the work ethic go?

I long for the days when you got and could expect good service and correct dealings.

I also long for the days when what you bought came already assembled. I’d pay extra if they’d put the stuff together for me. Do they know how bad it hurts my hands to turn screwdrivers and hammer and do all the things I now have to do because so many things come unassembled?

Pride seems to be gone in America. We celebrate anything that is not done right or that is unusual or that is not as expected. We no longer value anything that used to be valued. We spend time and money on the education of children who don’t want to learn, or have problems learning while the children who love education and have high IQ’s and high ambition languish while no child is left behind. The schools are judged by how many pass the end of year tests, not by how much progress a child makes. If you come in able to pass the end of year tests, you are not a top priority.

If I ever get rich, I will buy an island and unless you have a good work ethic or I just like having you around, you will not be allowed to enter. Maybe when pride comes back to America and people quit being insulted by anything they can possible construe as an insult, America will be great again. Until then, check every transaction for errors, for you will find at least one, and expect to do it yourself, and don’t bother to complain, because if you do, something is wrong with YOU. Accept the unacceptable with good grace and thank God! you’re an American.


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