The Mundane

Mundane chores and routines can be the impetus to writing. When you are washing dishes, or doing some other task that doesn’t require thinking, your mind wanders to “what if” . . . which is the question many writers ask as they write.

This morning I was brushing my teeth when a dynamite! scene came into my head for the Blindman book. I kept brushing and kept thinking and when I was done with my teeth, I came in here and wrote 712 words on that chapter.

Writers do much of their “work” when they are not even writing. The thinking process comes before the writing.

Next time you’re doing something that requires no thought at all, notice what your mind conjures up. Then write it down. I also will stop mid-point of doing something mundane to jot down what’s in my mind before I forget it.

I composed this poem while walking the dog. I’ve had mixed comments about it. People either like it or hate it. It’s a bastardization of Frost’s Woods Poem.

The Little Dog

Whose poop this is

I think I know.

His house is where

I sometimes go.

What was he doing

In my yard

Can’t he use his own?

Is it all that hard?

My mom must think

I am not me

When I insist

In his yard I pee.

For I have miles to go

Before I poop

Miles to go

Before I poop.

by Constance Barr Corbett


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