Here it is getting late and I haven’t typed one word on my blindman book.

I had a horrific appointment with a Pulmonary Specialist yesterday and have suffered the aftermath of that today. I finally feel like I might recover.

Doctors . . . Doctors are in the Blindman book. How can I write about them without giving too much away?

One doctor wrote something down. She wasn’t really a doctor. She was a “counselor”. She took it to the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist copied what she had written verbatim. I saw both reports and they seemed suspicious to me. I even said so to the third doctor who read both reports. “Can you see how they use the exact words and phrases?” I asked. “Can you see how one copied the other?” The third doctor didn’t answer but stood staring at the reports. This is America. This is also a country where if two people come together and agree to tell the same lie, it carries weight.

God sees all. God saw the blindman and the dilemma. Things did not go right. If so, there would be no book to write. However, eventually the truth came out. Where does that statement “the truth will out” come from. Let me check on google.

Here is the first thing I found:

  1.  The phrase “truth will out“, or “truth will become public”, appears as early as William Shakespeare’s works, in particular, the Merchant of Venice. It may have been an entirely new concept of Shakespeare’s, as he sees the need to explain its meaning as analogous to murder will out.

I also found:

2. truth will out

Prov. The truth will always be discovered. (Can be used to remark that someone who had been concealing the truth is now revealing it, as in the second example.)The embezzler may think that someone else will be blamed for his crime, but the truth will out. Ellen: Remember last week, when I told you I bought some shoes?Fred: Yes…. Ellen: Well, before you look at the bill from the shoe store, l ought to tell you that I bought ten pairs. Fred: Aha. The truth will out.
See also: out, truth, will
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
So that is how I write.
I have so many phrases in my head and I cannot remember where they all came from. Sometimes I can’t remember them quite correctly, so I always check, if there is any doubt in my mind what a phrase means.
I was raised by a grandmother. She was born in 1904. Can you imagine the difference in her language than what is in ours? I have her words (vocabulary) in my head. Sometimes when I look them up, they are listed as “archaic”.
My mother was a legal secretary. I have legalize (that can’t be the word – let me check . . . ) legalese . . . that’s the word I seek.

  1. the formal and technical language of legal documents that is often hard to understand.
    I have legalese in my head as well. I cannot figure out how to justify the left margin. I’m too busy writing. Will deal with it later.
    I have been an educator. I have educational jargon in my mind as well. I’ve done many jobs in my lifetime and they all came with specific words and terms that I had to use. Sometimes they get into a jumbled pile and I have to check them by googling them to find out the true spelling and the true definition.
    Well, this has little to do with the blindman except that now you know in the book the truth will out . . . ha, ha. But you don’t know what the truth is and perhaps don’t even care.
    Making a reader care is one of the top requirements for holding the reader’s interest.
    Sometimes I just ramble on here reminding myself of things I’ve learned in all the writing courses I’ve taken over the years. I’m through taking writing courses. I am going to write. Ok. The Blindman . . .  Does the blindman not see because he can’t or because he won’t? Is he blind because he is evil? All I know is there is an epidemic of blindmen in this country and I hope my book, while being one that is read because it’s a good story and is interesting to the reader, will also show what the blindmen do not see and perhaps do not want to see. What causes someone to turn a blind eye? Is it greed? Money? Power? Evil?
    Let me salvage what parts of this randomly written blog can go into the blindman book. This is the least I’ve written on it in awhile.
    I will blame the Pulmonary Doctor who abused my lungs so badly with his tests yesterday that I have not been well since I left his office. When you are not getting oxygen or you are having trouble breathing, that affects how your mind works. I’m better, but not well yet.
    He will not see me again, because I refuse to see him. Perhaps I will send him a book and inscribe it by saying “This book would have been written two days sooner, if not for you.” ha, ha. Sometimes words that amuse me infuriate others. He wouldn’t like that inscription. Well, I don’t like how I’ve felt since I saw him.
    If you are reading this blog for writing tips, my suggestion for today is to write. Whether you think you have anything to say, write, if you want to be a writer. Eventually the stuff you write will make sense and can be edited into something profound, if you just start writing. Is that “free writing”? I did that with some AIG students (Academically Gifted) and was criticized.  I was told you MUST have an outline; you MUST have thought bubbles: you MUST have all these boring crutches to use before you write. No, you don’t. They can help organize, but if you want to be a writer, more important than all those “tools” are the action of writing. Try it. See what comes out.

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