I don’t know which is more fun – to go shopping or to set up/use the things you bought when you were shopping.

I bought a night stand this week and it finally found its place in my bedroom yesterday. It looks even better than I thought it would.

I bought a new top (on sale!!!) at T J Maxx the same day. It is beautiful. I wore it to the grocery store a few minutes ago.

New things make you feel so good.

They also cause problems. Now that I’ve replaced my night stand, I think I need to move the bookcase and the computer table that are also in the room. The two need to change places. Hopefully my son, George, will help me when I’m ready to move everything.

Did you see the new picture of George? It’s in the other blog I write called “Proud of Every Wrinkle”.

Here’s the new nightstand.



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