Writing When Not Well

I saw a Pulmonary Doctor last Tuesday, and I’ve felt bad ever since. His assistant ran tests on my lungs and whatever she sprayed into them made them function worse. I won’t be seeing any more pulmonary doctors. I saw a different one in Wilmington  a few years ago, and he actually helped me. I expected the same from this one, but was disappointed.

I’ve spent a lot of time in bed since Tuesday. I just felt that badly. I tried to write a few times, but don’t know if my oxygen level was low or I just was that worn out from his tests. I could have written, but it would not have been worth anything.

I’m just now beginning to feel like I might be able to put some words together.

The Blindman.

My son noticed last week that my binder with the pages of the Blindman book I have written and printed out is growing. The more I write, the more writing work I realize there is left to do.

I have a pet poetry book that I want to illustrate. My youngest son has mentioned he’s ready to do that.

The Blindman book is the one I want to focus on for now. The Pet Poetry is done except for the illustrations.

Is there a phrase “Willingly Blind”? Let me google that. “Willingly blind to corruption” is a phrase I found.

Second Peter 3:5 speaks of “willingly ignorant”.

I may be getting too technical. My oldest son helped name this book. I’m usually good with titles. I was mulling over this one when he made a suggestion.

I cannot think of anything from the Blindman book that I feel capable to write about right now. The fact that I am interested in writing on it is progress. I have been very sick since Tuesday.


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