Just Write

Yesterday I wrote the chapter titled “Seeking Help”. I hoped as I ended it that I had at least 350 words. It turns out that I had 627. I was delighted!

I do not edit as I go. If I notice a misspelled word, I will stop and correct it, but mostly my first drafts are fast bursts of typing that try to get the words out.

The editing part comes after the words are written.

Sometimes I will write the same scene two different ways. Often I don’t realize this until I am saving the scene/chapter I just wrote. I keep both writings as I will combine them in one form or another, plucking the best from each, to make a better chapter.

I mentioned years ago to teachers who were struggling to teach their students to write, who complained that students don’t write enough, that they should just let the children write. Write about anything and everything that interested them. The bubble maps, the rigid outlines, the rules and regulations all serve to stifle creativity.

I just write. I try to do it when the spirit is moving me to write, but at times I also write when something needs to be written.

I believe in education, but I also believe education quashes some of our future great thinkers. If what they write is viewed with skepticism and corrections, will they write more next time? Probably not.

I had an article, “How to Get Your Students To Write More” published in Teachers of Vision Magazine


in their back to school issue 2014 on page 7 (continued on page 27). It explained ten ways to get students to write more. It’s basically the way I write myself and I often write more than I intended when I sit down to write. My hopefully 350 words actually turned out to be 627 words. Not a bad day’s work, when you’re working on a novel.


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