If you are dealing with evil, or someone who is evil, they will present a very different side to you than how they really are. Evil does not enjoy other people’s happiness. It is jealous and cannot delight in another’s achievements or joyfulness.

I know this because I have been around evil people in my lifetime. Perhaps this blog should be written on my Proud of Every Wrinkle blog, but I’m not proud of the wrinkles evil doers may have caused.

Sometimes you have to hide your joy if you are around the types of people that I think of as evil. Perhaps there are varying degrees of evilness in people. Some may call it meanness. I’ve also heard it called “Stealing your joy”.

I don’t understand evil people, but I did one time read a verse in the Bible. “Don’t even eat with such people.”

I try to avoid evil people, but because I tend to trust too easily and believe those who lie so well, I have been in their presence. They have caused me great harm and I’ve learned to be less trustful, to be more discerning in whom I spend time with.

I do not fear loneliness as much as I fear being with someone who is evil and up to no good. My own company is sometimes better than the company of certain others.

I do not intend to be a snob and probably have never been perceived that way. However, with a lifetime lived should come wisdom, and I hope that I finally now recognize those who would wish me harm and might even go out of their way to cause me harm. Surely anyone who has treated me in an evil way does not deserve any more of my time or consideration.


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