Other Writers

Writing can be a lonely business. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t write something or work on something already partially written. But that is often just between me and the keyboard.

I’m a member of LinkedIn! and have joined a writer’s group. They’ve been commenting on a post about if and when you’re too old to be a writer. I’ve joined in with comments and read other comments.

I’m finding out that many “writers” don’t write every day. One of them commented that I was ahead of many because I write every day. I can’t imagine not writing every day. At times it’s cathartic.

I am meeting a few people who really are interesting. I’m finding out what others are interested in writing about. I’m also getting advice that I didn’t ask for and frankly, don’t want. That seems to be one of my character traits. For some reason people think I need their advice. I wonder if that’s true with others or if I’m just special that way? I think through a lot of things I do and when I’m considering all options, perhaps I appear to not know what to do. That’s right, but I don’t need advice, I need time to think about all the various outcomes for each idea.

One person has suggested I read fiction and nonfiction (I already do) and go back and read things from the past, the older the better. In researching his page on LinkedIn!, I see he writes historical fiction. That may be good advice for him, but I write poems, articles about education, short stories that are frequently mysteries, and memoirs. In improving my writing, I prefer to study how to be published, who is buying what and how to find an agent . . . those sorts of things. I buy books and I read online. I use much of my writing time in quiet contemplation. Once the muse hits, I can type about 70 wpm and I type fast and furiously. I go back and edit later.

I need to find someplace to be around other writers, even if some of them are not appreciated by me. I can’t find the cream of the crop, if I don’t thresh the crop.

Anyway, I will continue to search for fellow writers who want to discuss the writing process. I truly believe that we learn something from everyone we meet, even if the thing we learn is we don’t want to follow their advice.

writing author at work


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