Silencing the Masses

When did it happen last? When were people afraid to speak out and watched their words carefully?

There have been jobs and fortunes lost because of a careless word or sentence spoken.

I actually found myself often silent in meetings the last couple years because it felt like I was surrounded by those who were ready to pounce on my every word, if they didn’t agree with it.

Words were changed to identify sensitive situations. Illegal Aliens became Undocumented.

Even the police, who are sworn to protect and serve were criticized repeatedly for the way they treated criminals. It got to the point that even if a gun was pointed at the police, they were criticized for shooting the person holding the gun.

We have many ways to divide this country. Once we stop talking, those divides become chasms.

Who is trying to silence the masses and what is their true agenda?

We need to start talking again and ignore the political correct gossipers who jump on every word spoken and can misconstrue almost anything.


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