Blogging is a way to ensure that I write daily. Even now as I look at the word ensure, I wonder if it should be insure?

But I begin my drafts with rough drafts and then go back and tidy up.

When I blog, I write what’s on my mind.

Some of my writing takes place in my head long before I sit down at the computer.

I marvel that the way I write has changed so much over the years. From pen or pencil to typewriter to word processing to now blogging online and making it available for all to see. (Few look, but they could, if they wanted to.)

Some of my blogs are beginning to turn into articles. For awhile I worried that if I blogged, my “real” writing would suffer. I find it improves my “real” writing because sometimes I suddenly stop mid-draft and add notes to expand and then don’t post the blog, but copy/paste what I have into another word document and save it in the appropriate folder. I have articles in one folder, short stories in another. There is  a folder for poems and another for nonfiction. There are folders for books I’m writing and then an individual folder for each book’s chapters. I find that blogging helps me branch out into various topics.

So I decided to finish up this day working on my third blog. I already posted in “Proud of Every Wrinkle” and “Ms. Playful’s Blog”. This is the one I keep on my writing life, “Constance As A Writer”.

I’ve quit (gone on leave from) my day job and for awhile I mentally beat myself up because I wasn’t sitting down writing 8 hours a day as I’d hoped to do. For one thing, I’m on medical leave and can’t sit here for 8 hours. There are doctors to see and forms to fill out. Pills to take that sometimes make me sleepy. Walks with the dog that help me feel better – just getting out in the fresh air and getting a little exercise revives me.

I’m still writing as I do other things. Much of my writing happens in my head before I ever sit down to put it on “paper”. One day during a walk I was reminded of Frost’s famous “Whose Woods These Are” (or whatever the exact name of his poem was. This would be another time I edit and check facts and do research.) But my silly little dog who encountered another dog’s poop and stopped to check it out . . . inspired the poem about “Whose poop this is, I think I know . . . ” which I titled Bastardization of Frost’s Poem . . .

Then there was the refrain in my head from so many wanna be writers and all their incessant questions and the final realization that they don’t want to write, they want to be writers. All the advice I’d given and the time I’ve spent listening to them, and knowing how much I enjoy writing . . . so I shared. And usually my advice went unheeded. So that blog draft about trying to help other wanna be writers was never published but was copied/pasted and turned into a writing article that I want to submit one day next week.

So, blogging is not for naught. If you’re a writer or want to be a writer, it’s a good way to work at it.

Tell me the name of your blog. I will check it out. We writers learn from each other.


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