Is Writing a Lonely Profession?

For me, writing is not a lonely profession. My interactions with others is often the subject of what I write. The sitting down alone and writing isn’t lonely because I relive the experiences in my head as my fingers type the words.

I have been an educator most of my working life. I’ve done other jobs also, but the majority of my working life has been as a school teacher. For me, that was a lonelier job than writing is.

I am innovative when I teach, and I try many different ways to help children learn. Sometimes I’ve tried to share these ways with other teachers, only to be told “That won’t work!” Well, it was working for me. I got knocked down so many times by doubting Thomases that I finally quit sharing my ideas.

Now I’m on medical leave and trying to find other avenues to use my teaching skills. I have several ideas and will see which of them work.

Already I’ve had a couple teaching articles published. I shared one with my new principal, who asked to see one of my published articles, and she said absolutely nothing to me about it. A day or two later she did congratulate a colleague who sent out a tweet that was used in a newspaper article. No mention of my accomplishment . . .

Teaching, as far as colleague collaboration, was a lonely profession for me.

Writing is not.


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