Writing An Article

This morning I woke fairly early and had an article in my head. I came to the computer to write it.

My cell phone rang. Few people have my cell phone number, so I always answer it. The landline answers itself – whenever the cat doesn’t get fed up with the ringing and knock the landline off the base. But the cell phone stays beside me for the few times it rings.

The person calling was an old friend from work. She first apologized for waking me, but I was already awake. It was great to hear from her.

Of course, after talking thirty minutes – she had arrived at work by then – it was hard getting back in the writing mode. I made some notes about what I’d planned to say and saved the article for another day. It’s an article about writing. I actually wrote a 1009 word article about writing earlier this week and had planned to tweak it, but my thoughts went in another direction that I thought might be more marketable . . . I’ll follow it another time.


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