I started making a website back when I was working outside of home. I stayed so tired from that job that I didn’t finish setting it up. I want to do that this coming week. I try to set goals for myself, even if I don’t reach them.

I planned to send off an article this week that is ready to be submitted. I had more bad days physically than good ones, and it didn’t happen. I might get that done next week, but I’m ready to move on. A website has been on my mind this week as I lay in bed wishing I felt better.

It may be time to get a laptop, even though I hate them. I had one at work that I was expected to use and finally the technology teacher gave me a mouse to use with it. Somebody finally told me that the keyboard was not as large as a regular keyboard either. That made me feel better about not liking them. Everyone else said they’re just like a computer.  If I’m going to spend half my life in bed, it might help to get one to use.

But I have changed the subject. Did I mention it’s almost 1:00 am?

I started a website and then let it lapse before I finished it as I came home worn out and hungry. I let a lot of things “slide” (ahem, housework was one of them) as I tried to make it through my last year’s work. I finally followed the doctor’s orders and quit trying to work last spring. Here it is almost fall and I’m still adjusting to this situation.

But I’m digressing again. I saw a friend’s website. He is a writer and it’s awesome. I need to find the one I started making and then if I run into problems, maybe he can give me advice. My youngest son is also here now for a couple months and he is very good on the computer and will help if I ask him.

What I want to do on my website is set it up so that it shows my published works and where to purchase them; I want it to describe my youtube videos and where to watch them. I want it to show my credentials and things about myself that someone might be interested in knowing. I also have these blogs I’d like to link to the website.

It is early Sunday morning – really, it’s Saturday night, but after midnight.

Next Saturday I hope I remember to write about how much I get done on my website this week. My doctor has reminded me that I have an appointment with her one day next week. Blah! I like her, but I hate doctor’s offices.

I hope I can stay feeling well and get the website up in a week’s time.


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