Writing Plans

Do I consider the plans for the Youtube Videos I want to make as part of my daily writing endeavors? Why wouldn’t I? I just spent a lot of time (didn’t notice when I started) writing down what I want my first video to show and exactly what I’ll say as I record it.

I have so many ideas for my future. I know I am trying new things and at my age, at any age, it may be daunting. However, these ideas have swirled around in my head as I went day in and day out to my “day job”. I never had the time or the energy necessary to try them. I have notes and ideas jotted down in various places. Now I write them down and group them and hope to see them completed.

As long as what I’m doing involves writing, I will consider it part of my day’s writing “work”.

I also want to finish the website I started several years ago. That too will be considered “writing work”.

Everything a writer does is not necessarily writing, yet it progresses his/her craft.

This was a bit of self-indulgence as I thought through my plans and how to label the use of my time so that I don’t end up thinking, “oh, no! I didn’t write again today!” I do write every day. Others may not be privy to what I wrote, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t working on my writing career.

I just counted my words that I wrote about my Youtube Videos. I wrote 370 words. (I use the Word Count Tool as I frequently write in wordpad and believe it or not, it has no word counter. So I google Word Count Tool, click on that link and copy/paste what I’ve written to get a word count. I am including this in case others don’t know how to find the number of words written in WordPad.)


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