Being Poor

Being poor is stressful enough. The other requirements we put on poor people is something that people with money won’t tolerate.

I was at the doctor’s office today. A woman was in there on her cell phone. Before you tell me if she could afford a cell phone, she shouldn’t be on welfare, let me direct you to the tracfone site where phones are cheap and time can be paid for by the minute.

Anyway, she had this cheap looking phone and she was talking into it loud enough that I could hear. She had gone for a doctor’s visit and her Medicaid card had expired. It was no good. They would not take it.

So she sat in the chair in the waiting room wanting an explanation as to why her card was no good? Why hadn’t she been notified? It sounded like the notice had gone to an old address. I heard her exclaim, “WHY? I HAVEN’T LIVED AT THAT ADDRESS IN OVER FOUR YEARS!” Then she tried to tell them what address she had on her Medicaid card. They must have said for her to come in to clear it up because she told them the last time she was in their office, it took three hours to clear something up.

I believe her. I’ve been in those offices and they move very slowly. Not only was her medical coverage canceled without her being notified, but she was now denied her medical appointment and had to go spend hours trying to straighten out someone else’s incompetence.

I write about this all the time. Incompetence in America. While I have the option to go elsewhere, those on government dole do not. We all need help from time to time and some of us have no family to help us. It’s hard to have to depend on government handouts. It’s even harder when they do their jobs wrong and the poor person has to pay for it.

It didn’t occur to me to try to find out what the cost of today’s visit would have been for her. I might have been able to pay it. I hope she’s out of the welfare office by now. She was clearly educated and clearly befuddled by the situation.


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