I posted what’s below today on my facebook page. I’d driven to Burger King for lunch. I went around 11:10 to avoid the lunch rush. The service and the food left a bad taste in my mouth that I won’t soon be forgetting. What has happened to America? Where is the pride in a job well done, no matter what the job is? Perhaps it’s disappearing with the Baby Boomers? I was furious when I wrote the post and still am very angry. I’ve worked in Fast Food. I worked at Hardees when I was in college to help pay my bills. I was proud of my job, kept my uniform clean, smiled at the customers and did my best. I don’t think there’s any fast food workers in America who can say that anymore. I know my desire to eat fast food become less every day. I might as well give up and cook my own food. It’s cheaper and I don’t get upset when things are done poorly and the employees getting paid to do them do not even care. The grinning woman who gave me the onion rings after I used my gas and time to drive back to Burger King today, to pick up what should have been in my bag,  did not care at all. I think she was amused. Well, when they close down, she can take her amused ass elsewhere and hope there is a job there.

To ALL the FAST FOOD WORKERS who are DEMANDING $15 an hour . . . YOU’RE NOT WORTH what they’re paying you now. I’ve already had to quit going to Taco Bell and Bojangles due to massive incompetence and employees who think they are there to socialize with each other, do their jobs WRONG, and ignore the CUSTOMERS. Here’s a NEWS FLASH for all you FAST FOOD WORKERS. Without the CUSTOMERS, YOU don’t even get the pay you now complain about. Now BURGER KING IS KEEPING DRIVE THRUS (before the lunch rush) WAITING 15 to 20 minutes and getting their orders WRONG while doing it. When I looked in the window while waiting for my food, I saw the employees laughing, joking, and generally doing anything BUT working. You’re lucky they pay you anything.


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