Rain, Rain, Has Come To Stay

It’s October 1, 2015. There is a hurricane churning in the Atlantic Ocean. They say my state is in a state of emergency. We will have rain today, tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night, the next day and night and probably the next day and night and maybe the next day.

The hurricane is named Joaquin. I heard it was being upgraded to a Category 4. I’m glad I no longer live near the coast. It’s going to be bad enough here.

I went out this morning and had the oil changed, the tires rotated and the car gassed up. I bought bread and baby wipes and flashlights, candles, dog and cat food, and other things we might need.

I’ve walked the dog in the rain and saw geese or ducks or something that is quacking flying overhead in a V formation. I don’t know if the ducks are coming or going. I don’t know if they know either.

My cat, Hunter, was acting “squirrel y” last night. She knows the weather is going to be bad.

All day it has drizzled. They say the hard rain should start tonight. We have Flash flood watches starting at 8:00 pm.

Power may go off. Trees may fall.

I’m going to go cook dinner and wash another load of clothes. When I’m anxious, I clean. This house should look really good in a few days. If it does, I’ll take pictures.

My son and I have moved the birdbath and the trash cans . . . the flowers in their pots . . . and anything else that might fly around the yard in high winds. They say it won’t be the winds that make the trees topple, but the soil saturation. Ok. Well, that makes a big difference (sarcasm). Toppled is toppled.

Come back for pictures of the results of all this rain. I’ll post them when the rain ends, if not before.


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