To Write or Not To Write is Never the Question

This morning right after breakfast, I wrote over 1600 words on Book #2 (about the Blindman). I heard that Hemingway wrote exactly 250 words each day. I’ve read about a technique of writing and stopping at the best part of your story because it should make you want to come back to it more quickly. I have a different method in mind.

I’ve been called a prolific writer by several people. I can write a lot and I can write it quickly. That does not mean that I don’t need to go back and edit what I’ve written. Sometimes the manuscript needs numerous edits. But to get an idea or a scene or a chapter down is easy for me when done as a rough draft. My fingers fly across the keyboard and I am ever so grateful to my typing teacher (yes, I’m THAT old) who trained me to type accurately and quickly in high school. It didn’t hurt that my mother was a secretary/court reporter and we had a typewriter in the home. She actually had a book that taught typing and let me use it as I taught myself. The typing in high school was merely for practice. The lessons went boringly slow for someone who already knew the keyboard, but I did shine when we began to see how fast we could type!

Anyway, I type around 70 wpm and my mind moves equally fast. As I’ve said before, not everything I write is great and I spend time later editing. Some things no one ever sees because I decide it is not good enough.

However, to get back to this morning, I had a new goal of 1000 words per day on my book – preferably the Blindman book as that is the one I want to finish first. I typed over 1600 words this morning. There will be editing needed. Sometimes I sit down to type and in doing so, my mind jumps to something similar and off my fingers fly to capture that idea. Case in point is when my scene where I learn someone near and dear has died became a scene where I had a dead battery and how that was handled. Then I returned to the death of the friend. Both things will be in the book, but will not be as close together as they are now.

My mind is like a grasshopper. I wonder if other people’s minds jump around like mine does? My oldest son says having a conversation with me is sometimes difficult because we’ll be talking about one thing and without announcing a shift, I suddenly am talking about something entirely different. We can come back to the original conversation later and often do.

Anyway, to write or not to write is never the question. I write every day. The topic of that writing is going to have to be more disciplined, if I’m going to finish my Blindman book, and if I don’t do anything else in this life, I want that book finished and published. It has a “sister book” on the same topic that I want to write and I’m doing research for that book as well.

I’d also like to write a third book on the topic, but need to rent a post office box and place ads in magazines/newspapers around the country to get first hand stories about the topic.

I dream big. I hope they all come true. I hope I finish this book. From what I’ve heard through nanowrimo, a typical novel is 50,000 words. At that rate, in 50 days, my book should be completed. That doesn’t include all the words I’ve already written. To write or not to write. How can that even be a thought?


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