Credit, credit, credit . . . all anyone wants nowadays is credit cards and credit this and credit that. Does anyone actually pay for anything any more?

They must have the latest, the greatest, the name brand, whatever will impress their friends. Instant gratification has become the American norm.

No one can quit or change a job anymore because they are so deep in debt that they cannot go a week without a paycheck.

I see folks at the grocery store when one card is declined, they take out another one with no shame whatsoever and say, “Try this one.” I have no sympathy for those who live above their means. I am not impressed. I am dismayed and amazed that people are so superficial.

There was a time when credit was shameful. If you couldn’t afford to pay for something, you waited until you could, to get it.

Now Americans and their country are so damned deep in debt.

I get offers for credit cards and credit accounts daily. I DON’T WANT THEM. I won’t be trapped in that vicious cycle that everyone else “enjoys”. You can’t afford to pay cash now because you are still paying for that other stuff you couldn’t afford way back when, and with interest added it, you’re paying way more than whatever it is was ever worth.

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