I’ve started getting emails about Nanowrimo. It’s the novel writing marathon in November. I actually finished a novel one November while participating. Parts of it were good; other parts not so good. I viewed it as a possible site for short stories – since some scenes were very good while others bored even me.

Nanowrimo had some dynamite! merchandise on sale this year, and I made a list of four items to order. I was very disappointed when my only shipping option was 2 days priority mail and the cost of shipping was equal to or greater than the cost of the items. What should have cost just under $20 was going to cost $39. That’s IF I ordered the stuff.

I sent them an email to check on shipping options and there were none. They said if the package weighed more than a certain amount (13 oz?) that it had to be shipped priority mail.

Well, that’s too bad because I will not pay double what I expected to pay just because they say they cannot ship a cheaper way. I was very disappointed. Two of the items were posters I planned to frame and put in my living room. Yes, they were that good. I still have a poster I bought to reward myself for writing a whole novel a couple Novembers ago. I still love it.

I wish I could have ordered the two posters, mug, and teeshirt I had on my order form. I even tried to order each item separately, but the postage cost was still equal to or greater than the cost of the item.

Nanowrimo . . . if you’ve never participated, you might enjoy it. Just don’t take it too seriously. I’ve found that I can easily write 1000 words a day now that I’m not working. It was harder when I was. It seems it came to 1600 words needed to be written daily to get to 50,000 words by the end of the month of November.

I just wish I could have bought those four items.


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