Constance As An Educator

I’ve had many jobs in my life. The one I’ve spent the most time doing was teaching. I was an educator. I was especially good at teaching Reading, and I eventually got a Masters Degree and became a Reading Specialist. Before that I had Reading Recovery Training and taught Reading Recovery Lessons for three years.

I enjoyed teaching children to read. I worked mostly with Kindergarten and First Grade.

Now I am a writer. I’ve always been a writer, but I’ve never had time to pursue that career. Now my children are grown and I’m through teaching reading – at least as a daily job – and I’m going to spread my wings and fly as a writer.

I was published in the 1980’s – more than once. I was published a few times in the 1990’s. I’ve become more professional in my writing and take great care to only submit to appropriate markets. There is no need to waste their time or mine. I’ve continued to publish from time to time, but the submissions were not constant or even steady. They were what I had time for. I have several books partially finished. I have articles started and poems written. I could work on what is already in the works and never get it all done. I love to write. New ideas still occur to me daily. I jot them down as I work my way through what is already half done.

This blog is about Constance as a Writer. I am a better writer because of the life experiences I’ve had, including jobs I’ve held. Let’s see how many I remember:

Telephone Operator – that was one of my favorite jobs. You never knew when you went to work if you were going to be helping someone who was trying to get help because their house was on fire, or supplying a phone number to someone who knew what the business sold, but could not remember the name. There was one time when I placed a call to the White House for someone who wanted to talk to the President. It was a fun and interesting job.

I worked as an Order Entry Clerk at Hamilton Beach, Division of Scoville. I set up accounts and entered orders that came in. The company sold small appliances. My mother and my sister also worked there.

I worked as a Student Helper at my college News Bureau. That was through Work Study and it helped pay my way through college. At the end of my college career, I was offered a permanent job there, but I turned it down. I have regretted that. I wanted to be a teacher so badly . . . I really had a hard time paying for college and wanted to reap the rewards of all that college work. But if I had taken the job at the News Bureau, I might have ended up a Writer sooner.

We don’t know these things when we are young. We make mistakes and learn from them.

I worked at Hardees for a few weeks. I worked in a shirt factory. I worked in various offices through a temp agency. I could use a dictaphone and enjoyed typing up insurance accident reports. It was like the person who had dictated the report was telling me an interesting story.

I worked in a grocery store. I worked in a retail store (Belks). I actually started working at age 13 for a man who refinished furniture and lived across the street from my mother’s house. I developed an appreciation for finer things as I helped him make those old, dusty items turn into beautiful pieces of furniture.

I worked briefly in a daycare center. I taught Head Start. I worked for a Justice of the Peace (what we now call a Magistrate).

I worked in the central office of a school board.

I sold Avon.

I was a wife and mother and had the luxury of staying home with my children for a few years.

I’ve done other jobs, but I think I’ve listed enough. . . Oh, I just remembered, I worked at IBM for over a year.

Now I want to be a writer. This is what I expect my last job to be.


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