Lost Another Friend Today

I lost another friend today. That makes two lost friends in about six weeks. No, they’re not dying off . . . I’m just getting fed up. Perhaps at my age, my tolerance level has fallen. God knows I’ve tolerated more bad behavior already than anyone should in one lifetime. I’m tired of it.

I don’t have many friends, so it hurts when I lose one. However, when promises are repeatedly broken, when someone seems to be antagonizing me for their own entertainment . . . losing one seems prudent.

I am well aware, with my approaching birthday that I have far less time to accomplish my lifetime goals than I had in the past. Every day gets me closer to the end of that time. I don’t have time to suffer fools gladly (as Shakespeare would put it) and I will not be disrespected or lied to or have promises broken any more without a close look at what I perceive is the problem.

My friend today, when I told her I would no longer tolerate the way she’s treated me in the past, and actually treated me that way this past weekend . . . her response was “I’ll pray for you”. I have considered that statement and tried to figure out any way her prayers might help ME. I cannot fathom that they will, but perhaps by praying for me, she will call God’s attention to herself? I don’t know and I don’t care.

I’ve had people in the past say those words and it appears they say it when they disagree with you, and want to perceive themselves above you. Well, go for it. I’m done either way.


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