Will Internet Buying Save the USPS?

I read somewhere that there were fewer Black Friday shoppers this year and that perhaps it was due to internet buying. It is much simpler to sit in your computer chair and browse items a company offers than to go fight the shoving masses in the stores.

You may enter the store with joy in your heart and a smile on your face at the thought of buying someone that perfect something. However, often by the time you exit the store, the smile is gone and resentment may be trying to take root because of the whole “in person” shopping experience.

The store clerks I’ve encountered have been particularly cheerful and helpful this year. The customers are mostly polite and well-mannered. The stores are filled, but not to an unmanageable degree.

If others are sitting home buying items on the internet, where they’ll let you know immediately whether an item is out of stock or not, it may explain the absence of some in the stores.

I went outside a few minutes ago to take my old dog for her morning walk. There in my porch chair lay a package I had ordered. I walked over to see who had delivered it and I wondered when? It wasn’t there when I went to bed. Perhaps employees at USPS (who delivered it) are working overtime hours this busy season? I did see a mail truck in my neighborhood before 8:00 am yesterday. It was barely after 7:00 am today when I found the package.

As people discover the ease and joy of shopping via the internet, the USPS may require more employees, and it may find itself with renewed life. Wouldn’t it be something if the internet saved the United States Postal Service?

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