Age Discrimination

Yesterday I burned three of my fingers. Since I’m diabetic, when they began to blister, I considered medical help. It was Saturday, so I knew my doctor was closed. There is a Fastmed a couple miles away on the highway. I called them to see how much it would cost to be seen. With my old insurance, it was $87. I now have Medicare Part B and have no idea how it works. Medicare is determined to remain a mystery to me. I did find out that NO Medicare Supplement pays for my diabetes medicine. They don’t explain formularies, etc. to you when you attempt to sign up. It appears to be “trial and error” and you pay to learn as you go. Often you do without until you figure it all out. But I digress.

My main concern yesterday were three enlarging blisters on my fingers. I do know my podiatrist feels that blisters on my feet are a threat to my health. I assumed blisters anywhere should be medically treated. I smeared some neosporin on them before I made the call. All I wanted to know was how much I’d have to pay out of pocket to be seen there if using my Medicare Part B card.

Do you know that I was transferred and ended up talking to three different people. No one knew. They all said it depended on the treatment. Well, I knew that, but surely there was a base charge. The third person I was transferred to was their billing clerk. She didn’t know either. No clue. I did find out that a visit was $200 and I would be expected to pay 20% of that bill at least. I did the math quickly and came up with $40. However, since it took them so long to figure that out, I wondered if I dared trust them with my health. They also appeared anxious to get away from me although they said they were not busy at that time.

I finally decided “to hell with it” and I’d wait and see what, if any, infection sprang up without treatment. I’d called my oldest son who said to put neosporin on the blisters, but he thought I’d be fine and he had to get to work. My youngest son, who was here, said they didn’t look that bad to him. One stretched all the way across one finger. I wondered what constituted “bad looking” to him.

But since no one seemed to care and  I’ve decided people younger than I am had just as soon have me to ahead and die, I decided to see what would happen without treatment. I do hope these know-it-all youngsters realize if technology goes away, say, during a war or something, we oldsters are very likely the only part of civilization who knows how to function without it. If we all go away, I guess they’ll have to sink because they sure as hell don’t know how to swim. I can’t help them. I have blisters on my fingers that hurt like hell and none of them care. Why should I?



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