Political Correctness/Salem Witch Trials

Today’s society judges people by their politically correct speech. We must be careful what we say, lest we offend someone. This situation reminds me of the Salem Witch Trials.

Between February 1692 and May 1693, people were presecuted  and were put to death for things they said or things others said about them. Today people are losing jobs and losing their way of life because of something they may have said or something they said that someone else was offended by.

America was founded on certain principles and one of those was “Freedom of Speech”. It is listed in the First Amendment to the Constitution; ten Amendments make up our Bill of Rights. That right has been restricted in recent years. Now Americans can say only what is pleasing to another’s ears. The Political Correctness Advocates are to today’s society what the Prosecutors were to society during the Salem Witch Trials.

Most people have ways of getting away from speech they don’t want to hear. They also can choose to ignore it. That is their right. It should be my right to say what my opinion truly is without fear of reprisal from the Political Correct “police”.


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