Disappointing God?

I just saw an ad that stated the eye shadow they were selling was perfect. I thought about all the hours women put into applying makeup and wondered why they are so dissatisfied with their appearance that they have to use so many things on their faces. And then there’s this perfect brown eye shadow for sale . . .

I wonder how many of us would be offended if we gave something to someone and then watched as they changed it because they didn’t like the way it was?

When I worked I wore very little makeup. Now some days I actually go out with none on. No one gasps or acts like I look that much different.

I have seen women on the internet who look totally different when they take off all their makeup. I wonder why they are so unhappy with their normal appearance that they lather on so much?

I wonder if God is disappointed in their unacceptance of how they were made?



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