Did I Write About Cujo In This Blog?

There are two large Boxers that live next door. I have written about them in one of my blogs. They frighten me. My youngest dog got between me and one of them as it lunged at me one day. The woman who owns it was trying to pull it back and was having a terrible time. My young dog noticed and positioned herself between me and it. I was so frightened that I screamed my oldest son’s name. He doesn’t live here any more. My youngest son does. He heard me scream for his brother and came charging out of the house. He helped me get my young dog and myself in the house safely. The girl with the boxer grinned and seemed amused.

The same girl was down the block yesterday with one (both?) of her dogs. They attacked one of my distant neighbor’s dogs, or maybe both her little dogs? I was inside and heard the screams. I thought a child had been hit by a car. I went out to see and it was bad.

My neighbor with the Boxers haven’t let them out today. I wonder if they still are in her house? It seemed anytime she heard me outside in my yard with my dog – whether it was my old one or my young one – she would rush out with one of her Boxer dogs.

Perhaps she sees now that dogs who lunge at people or other pets are not amusing at all. Perhaps she doesn’t. If her dog lunges at me again, I’ll call the police. I heard my neighbor screaming yesterday that he was calling the “law”. I hope he did. I hope his little dog recovers.


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