Word Count Plus Readability Level

This morning I wrote an outline for a book and plans for writing it and mentioned the intended market. I wanted to see how many words I had written, and since it was written in wordpad, I tried to go to the word count tool online that I usually use to count my wordpad words.

I was surprised to see another word count site pop up, but oh, well, word count is word count, right? So I copied/pasted my written words into the site and was surprised to see that in addition to how many words had been written, it also popped up the readability level.

For someone who does work on Children’s books and the occasional hi-lo book, this was an interesting addition to word count. I’m going to put the word count site link  info here so readers can use it too, if they want to.


This is the information it gave me about my written words:

287 words, 1583 characters. Readability level: 9-10th grade student


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