Why I’m Not An Organ Donor

There are people in this world that I would not want to have my organs.

Who decides who receives the donated organs? It’s certainly not the donor’s family.

The donor’s family gets no compensation for the organs. They are asked to donate them (for free) so that the surgeon and medical companies can make money. It would seem that the person who donated the organs should get something. The people who receive the organs don’t get them for free.

Until I can stipulate who can and who cannot have any organs I could donate, I’m taking them with me. I’ve heard all the arguments. I also have seen some people cut me off in traffic, be rude to me in stores, be incompetent in their dealings . . . those same people might be the ones to be “blessed” with my organs. No. Some people can’t have them, so that means nobody can have them. Because I don’t get to decide who can and who can’t.

I could make a list of people in certain occupations who could not get my organs. But when it comes down to it, my wishes would not be honored. So why should theirs?


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