Every Day

I write every day. What I write varies. It could be letters; it might be a poem, or an article, or a short story. Sometimes it’s a plot or an outline or merely an idea.

People say I’m a prolific writer. I guess I do write a lot. I know I write frequently during the day.

I have trouble designating  a time to write and sitting down and staring at the screen thinking of what to write. I do my best writing when I am motivated.

Many of my best ideas come when I’m walking my dog, or washing dishes. Sometimes sweeping the floor causes me to think of something I’d like to write. I suppose my mind goes into auto pilot, or allows itself to free roam while I’m doing things that don’t require concentration.

I’m also observant. Many times I have pointed out things to others only to have them ask me, “Who cares?” Well, obviously I do.

To describe a scene or a person, you must be able to make minute notes either in a notebook or in your mind as to how that actually looks.

Today is windy, but not as windy as last night. Last night the wind chimes on my porch were going crazy. The sound never stopped! Luckily they are not loud chimes, but when I stepped out front to see how windy it was, they were the first thing I noticed.

I also do not let grammer or sentence structure trip me up when I’m writing. I always proofread. This may come from four years of being paid to proofread at ECU’s News Bureau on campus when I attended ECU. When I think of all the places I’ve worked in my life, that was the best one. I was offered a job there when I graduated, but I had my heart set on teaching and turned it down. I have sometimes regretted that decision.

I allow feelings and emotions to enter into my writing. I could not keep them out, if I tried.

I’ve been told I have a “voice”. I know that’s something writers try to establish. I probably got mine from all the writing I’ve done in my lifetime. Most people can tell I wrote something, if they’re familiar with my style.

All these thoughts were racing around inside my head while I cleaned out an old jewelry box. I suppose some of the contents triggered memories and sentimental thoughts. All I know is I had to stop and do some writing before I could continue.



2 thoughts on “Every Day

  1. I wish I could write every day. I do not have enough readership established where no matter what I say people want to hear it. Oh that I would be that wise and my thoughts so sought after. I hope that as I write and become more knowledgeable, my opinions and writing will become more valuable to those looking for stimulating blogs.

    • I don’t write for my readers as much as I write for myself. Sometimes people don’t want to hear what I say, but I say it anyway. Wise and sought after, ha, ha. I try to educate, inform, entertain . . . but mostly I try to get the words out of my head and onto the page.

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