The Days Will Consume You

The sheer business of living will consume your time and actions, if you’re not careful. What started out as a week to write and video record in turned quickly into one with various forms to be filled out and letters to be written as I fight my battles with both the IRS and Nelnet. I find after hours of writing and copying and collating forms and letters for them that my energy and muse for writing has disappeared.

I think I must soon prioritize or my story will not get told and it must be told. You’ll know why when (if?) you read about it.

My son had paperwork that had to be handled today. My printer stubbornly refused to cooperate with his attempts to print out the pages. I had to get involved. Then a mistake was found and that had to be fixed.

I also had a doctor’s visit which lasted 4 minutes, but the wait for the doctor lasted almost an hour. That was a ridiculous waste of my time.

Then I stopped for a short shopping trip at Walmart on my way home. That took forever and I chose the wrong checkout line to get in. The woman ahead of me had a $300 order. She kept smiling and exclaiming her cupboards were bare! like that would cheer the waiting customers. Then don’t wait so long next time, I remember thinking. The truth probably was that she was spending a tax refund she’d just gotten.

My son and I went out for lunch and that was awful. Why is it that when a group of women go out together for lunch that they have to have a competition to see who can laugh the loudest or who can talk the loudest? At least three in the group were continuously yakking at the same time. They sat right behind us and they moved over two tables to go with the booth they occupied. It was a large group of noisy females. I wish they’d design a restaurant and call it Loud and Obnoxious for people who like to act that way and disturb other’s meals. My son and I had to move to another table to be able to hear each other talk. It honestly sounded like we had sat down in a crowded hen house as the cackling and screams and loud talk assailed our ears.

Then it was home and I called my friend to cancel. As it was, I was already 30 minutes late and I hadn’t even left to go there yet. I had plans to meet her at her house. I had no energy left to go with.

Did I mention my back windshield wiper stayed on almost all morning? My car is twenty years old. It has a mind of its own. I repeatedly turned the wiper off, but it stubbornly whish/whooshed back and forth across the rearview window. I just had a battery replaced in the car. I wonder if the electrical system is malfunctioning and that windshield wiper ran down my battery? That’s the second repair to the car in about six weeks. One more thing and I park it.

For the next seven days I hope to devote my time and energy to my main book. If I don’t put my foot down and claim my time, someone else will claim it for me. I want to write. This mundane unimportant life wasting stuff has got to end. I have things to do.


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