My Little Dog Came Home

I was still feeling so badly on Sunday that I called my son in Charlotte and he came on Monday morning to take me to get my dog. I could not fasten my seat belt so he fastened it for me. I was furious at myself for being so helpless.

Shortly after we got home, I called the animal shelter that had impounded the attacking Pitbull to be sure it had been vaccinated for Rabies. It had not. After a phone call to my vet, my son and I went back to the vet’s to get my dog a booster Rabies shot. Although my dog was up to date on her Rabies shot, the vet said a booster was in order. It was sheer hell riding back to the vet. My dog was in my lap, but wanting to stand up and every time she moved, my finger hurt terribly. I was so glad to get back home for the second time.

My son drove back to his place that evening after helping with some things around the house.

Tuesday I took my pain meds. My litle dog had many stitches, but she seemed to feel far better than I did.

Wednesday morning I had an orthopedic doctor appointment. He unwrapped my hand, and said I had a severe injury that would be stiff and painful the rest of my life. He didn’t plan to do surgery, but would be keeping my finger in a splint for several weeks.



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