911 Operators

The attitude of recent 911 Operators has made me stop and think before calling them now or in the future.

There is a house in my neighborhood that housed a fugitive from the law. The fugitive fled, but from time to time would come back and go in the house. The policeman who came by and talked to me about it asked that I call, if I saw the person in or near the house.

I saw them. I called 911. By the time the operator had quit playing twenty questions and dispatched police, the person was gone. I was asked by the police to continue to keep an eye on the house and call if the fugitive was seen. So I did. The next time I called, the 911 Operator went through the same set of questions. I can understand needing to know certain things, but I cannot comprehend asking the same questions three times. Can’t they hear? Don’t they believe me? Are they cruel people who somehow “get off” on other’s distress and request for help? But I went through the same insanely repetitive questions and answered, and as before, the fugitive was gone before the police arrived This continued to happen for several more phone calls to 911.

Finally on my fifth or sixth call, I lost my patience. I told the 911 Operator that she was doing what she always did – asking the same questions she already had the answers to over and over and by the time she got all her questions answered repeatedly, the fugitive would be gone as she always was when I called and had to go through this frustrating ordeal with the 911 Operator. She got an ugly attitude with me and I got one back with her.

When the police finally came, it turned out to be someone else going in and out of the house and the police came to me to tell me that they’d gotten a report that I’d spoken very ugly to the 911 operator. ???? Oh, really? Did she also say what she’d said to me?

The policeman said even he got frustrated with 911 operators and their repeated same questions that took up precious time when help could be being sent. But, he said, if he couldn’t do anything about it, he was sure I couldn’t.

A few days later my neighbor down the street was having a very loud argument/fight with her husband. I heard her screaming for someone to call the police. I considered it. I decided someone else could deal with the hateful, deaf, can’t remember a damned thing 911 operator because I’d made my last call to her.

It’s sad when tax dollars pay someone’s salary and it’s agreed that the current protocol isn’t working well – is not efficient, but the consenus is that there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Donald Trump is right. America used to be a great country. Things like this, when noticed and agreed that they were not working well, would be overhauled. Now Americans just swallow the bitter bile in their throats and say the “Nothing can be done about it” mantra.

Well, I can never call 911 again. Other people can never call 911. If the current method of getting help with serious problems doesn’t work, why should anyone call the deaf, incompetent 911 operator? I seriously do not believe she has to ask the same questions three times. The police said it was standard procedure. It’s standard bullshit is what it is.


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